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hours now since this accident this morning. a plane with 307 people on board. that includes the crew and all the passengers. two fatalities reported tonight. a number of people still being treated at area hospitals. let's go out to kron4's scott ratshgs raitt. >> in fact just a few moments ago, i saw some of those emergency workers walking around the fuselage of the triple-7 aircraft. this is the best vantage point we've gotten all evening. and we watch as they set up the lights, they are prepping this scene for the ntsb to step in and conduct their investigation. as i pan back with the camera, that's the fuselage of the triple-7. and as we pan over this way to the
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right, a light right out there in the distance. in the center of your screen, that's the tail of the aircraft! investigators have been looking at that all day long. and that would be the first point of the investigation as well. as we continue to pan to the right here, on runway 28 left, you can see some flashing lights, there's a boat in the water right there. they're searching for parts maybe? or just helping to secure the scene. they'll have a lot of ground to cover as they piece together what caused this aircraft to crash the way it did. they're going to have a lot of work to do. and we'll assume they will start that work right away at night. that's why they got the lights out here. obviously they want to get this runway open to alleviate some of the traffic coming out of sfo. and there are planes taking off
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and landing right now. of course they're only running two runways right now. but you can see the fuselage lit up and ready for the ntsb to step in and start the investigation. >> thank you for that, scott, that update and that live picture. we saw vehicles earlier in the area. are they moving about? >> they have been. aye i've seen eighth of units coming in and out. so it looks like they're taking shifts to prep this for the ntsb to start their investigation. >> you look at this, and it really is -- you understand when mayor adly says this could have been much worse.
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>> oh, my, yes! the fact that it made the tarmac at all, and all the communities that surround the airport! there are so many ways that could have been so much worse. and it's bad enough as it is! you can imagine what the people were feeling like as they were trying to get out of the plane. >> yes, the whole tail is just gone. we have had crews inside, outside sfo, obviously, all day. charles clifford is standing by live now with an update. >> reporter: right now i'm inside terminal 3 here at sfo. this is the domestic terminal, the united terminal. and behind me, there's still a handful of people trying to check in before midnight. it was down the hall hours ago. it's just a few folks now. this is where the rebooking is happening! this is where folks are whose flights were canceled today.
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they have been in line for hours trying to rebook flights. also people coming in from other locations discovering their connecting flights were canceled. this is the board here, at the united terminal, and tonight before midnight, pretty much all of the flights are either canceled or delayed or closed! there's maybe two flights left leaving tonight before midnight. the situation improves if you get into tomorrow morning, july 7th, you can see there's on-times, things are starting to get back to normal tomorrow morning, kind of. so we'll see if that holds up. kron4 is expanding its sunday morning coverage newscast
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beginning at sings clock in the morning -- 6:00 in the morning. running till 10:00 am. and possibly during that time there will be some updates about whatever they have been able to pull together in terms of additional and new information. let's go back to another terminal. >> reporter: at this hour, the international terminal here at sfo is starting to look more and more like it does on a normal weekend or weekday. this line is completely down. it was about 15 yards long! that is no longer the case. passengers are coming off the tarmac. >> if you looked out the left wind, you could see it, lit up with flood lights. kind of eerie, but it was there. >> reporter: and you also heard about this crash well early into
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the day. were you surprised that you made it in? >> yeah, i thought that the airport was going to be closed basically throughout the night. to the next day. but luckily, we were on an earlier schedule, so it worked out. but unfortunately stuff happened. [ laughter ] >> reporter: was there any warning there was a possibly your flight would be delayed or not take off? >> well, all the signs in the airport said delayed. but i had a feeling after i saw sfo delta, they said the other runways were opening up, that we would take off soon after this happened. on the boards it showed other flights delaying, four, five hour, so there was probably a chance we would get out. >> reporter: when you saw that airplane on the tarmac and what it looked like, what went through your mind? >> the first time or when i saw it live? >> reporter: live. >> it's creep
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y, it's scary. i'm already kind of a nervous flier as it is, twitchy. but i have to think to myself, even during turbulence now that it's going to be okay. so we're good. >> reporter: we're glad you made it safely here. he makes it home safely. and many of these people stand think in line are hoping to do the same. jr stone is in the studio with some new pictures, and the crash site. >> i've been showing a lot of these pictures all night. i believe we have some animation. i want to try to take that now to sthoe you. you -- show you. you can see how the plane just slides after losing that tail. and i think we're going to be able to play this animation again. then you can see some of to black smoke going into the air. but it's believed through
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this animation, you can see right there, when they hit that side wall, the tail goes off, laying on the side near the water, plane slides, and then everybody gets out at this point. and then that is when the plane catches fire and goes up into smoke. technology today, you can do all sorts of things! but it would appear that something of that nature happened. i want to take this picture full as well. i'm going to zoom out a bit. we know today that the fuselage burned away, the entire tail was gone, and one engine entirely broken off! i want to go to the next picture. you see all of that black smoke. this is a show that's very interesting. you can see the tail laying there. and we've been talking about the
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tail just laying there. but look at the size of that! upon that's bigger than a -- that's bigger than a fire truck just laying on the ground! and that's the portion of the plane that literally ripped off and sent people falling out of the back of the plane. this is a gentleman we interviewed earlier in the afternoon. you couldn't see his arms in the interview. but he has a wrist band on, and then he has a hurt arm. one of the many victims. >> i had my family, my wife and son with me. ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ >> frightening? >> oh, yes , of course. >> why you were flying to san
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francisco? >> i don't live here. i came here to meet my brother. ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >> the sound was pretty loud, and the landing was very hard, and we knew that something has gone wrong. and we could sense that something terrible has happened. ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ ♪ >> it's a little hard -- you are tense, and your instincts take over. you don't really know what is happening around you. you just hold onto something. >> did it get quiet after the landing? >> there were people, you know, trying to do something, get off the aircraft. >> can you say what happened when the plane was approaching landing? >> after it set down, it touched down, it felt pretty hard kind of landing. and there
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was a loud noise. and the whole plane shook. we knew something terrible had gone wrong. >> are you here with family? >> yes, my family. >> i'm frafrom from india. >> did the pilot say anything? >> io, no warning of any kind. >> you were separated from your family earlier? ♪ [ inaudible ] ♪ >> do you know where your wife is now? >> yeah, yeah. >> is everyone accounted for? >> yes, yes . >> pretty lucky, i suppose. >> what are the extent of your injuries? >> i have a fractured collar
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bone. >> we want to take it back to you, pam. so much we saw there! >> so much going on, we're almost approaching 12 hours after this accident haf occurred, and still -- this accident occurred. [ male announcer ] at montrose pet hospital,
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you're looking at what you could refer to as the carcass of the crash. all lit up! our reporters have been telling us some of the federal investigators might be onsite this evening. we talked about one of the passengers twice today. he called us from his hospital bed. he was released later, his injuries not as
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serious as he feared. >> it feel like we were coming too low too soon. the engineer started again. i think the pilot realized we were not going to make it. the plane is going back up, and i'm thinking maybe we'll make t. but we -- make it. but we went back down pretty hard. and started crashing. >> when i left the airplane, some people werute, and finding people -- were out, and finding people on the other side of the plane, and honestly there was nobody sitting in their chairs. >> when did the fire start? >> afterwards. in the sections i was in, there was a lot of fire, a lot of smoke. the crash, but not much fire. maybe
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a few flames in the middle section. there was no indication of fire or malfunction before we hit the ground. >> how are you feeling right now? >> still shaken. fold and shake eck n. i'm hurt, but not too bad compared to anybody in there. >> and a broken rib? >> not broke know but bruised -- not broken but bruised. a lot of injuries around the spine, ribs. no broken ribs or legs, neck injuries. >> describe to me how people were once you guys crashed, and everyone was trying to get out. >> right. i think it was -- everybody was screaming. and we were trying to calm people down. i was ushering people down. i was literally on the exit. so i was trying to exit those people
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out and say stay calm, stop screaming. help each other out. don't push! and that felt like it was going smoothly. people went out quickly with not too much panic going on, and not too much screaming. it wasn't the case. it was pretty shooting shoot -- pretty smith. >> what was going through your mind? >> i can't believe it's happening to me. i was thinking about my wife and children. i was so fortune they were not on the plane with me. >> how many kids do you have? >> two boy s, five and 3 years old. >> were they supposed to be in the plane with you? >> no, but my wife was supposed to be in the plane with me. we were in korea for a business trip. and she stayed in korea, she was supposed to be in the plane withy moo. i just -- with me. i just kept thinking about
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the fact that she could have been sitting next to me, and the person sitting next to me badly injured could have been my wife >> it could have been his wife, she was meant to be with him, and the person sitting next to me was really badly injured. >> so many scores of passengers still trying to figure out what's next for them in terms of their travel options. >> reporter: the dirty little secret here is many of these airlines for the stranded passengers are giving out pink forms which are supposed to be a voucher for the hotel. what happens when you call them? amanda has had a long travel day. and she's going to tell you how worthless these things are. >> we were going from oakland
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to here. frankfurt, and onto vienna. >> and what happened? >> we got got here! this is as far as we got. >> directly or -- >> no! we got from berlin to oakland, we got diverted to leads, and -- los angeles, and sat on the tarmac, and we missed our flight again and again, and we rebooked on monday. >> and they gave you this pink form. tell me what happened when you called. >> nothing. i rang the guy, and he's got nothing nowhere. and no advice. >> nothing, no advice. and no help. so basically travelers like this, if they have cellphones that don't work, or foreign cellphones that don't work, this is the advice: i then called this number to check on this this! and they told me to go down to baggage claim and
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start calling hotel after hotel to look for a spot! this will is what they're giving travelers. what do you think of this it's ridiculous. we're stranded. we don't know no one. what are we suppose d to do? >> okay. this is amanda. she found a hotel with the help of an american cellphone. but it's not just stranded, people who are delayed. people are given vouchers for hotels and call the number and get nothing! and this is just one situation, and it's happening over and over and over tonight. >> thank you. any of us who fly can certainly sympathize with that woman and the scores of others trying to figure out what to do, particularly those who are here from another country! maybe who don't know the language. what a troubling and difficult night. we can sympathize. >> yeah, like she said. we don't know anybody ! so much for
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the pink slips. this is what was said between air traffic controllers today. the controllers asking the pilots what they were seeing. >> this is 85, we see people, and the immediate exit there live. >> 85, roger. >> people are just walking outside the airplane right now. >> yeah, it looks like it's settling. >> it's right out near the 28 right number. >> you're reporting first. can you report those numbers? >> the 28 left number. between the runways there are people right adjacent to the numbers. we can see people who are moving. >> they were trying to get a read on what was happening and the fact they were seeing people
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down on the runway getting down on the plane. >> yeah, because they didn't get any emergency call from the airline! so air traffic control trying to figure out what was happening! let's go back to jr stone. >> elliot stone was on board from the elite martial arts academy in scotts valley. they were on their way back from south korea. >> it looked like we were a little bit high. and we could see the tarmac down below us. so we were coming down sharp. and when it coasted through the landing, the engine was off. woo! like you sped up? like he knew he was short, and then boom! the back end just hits and flies up in the air. and everybody's head goes up to the ceiling. and then it drifts for a good 300 yards, tips over, the
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fire starts, everybody is pushing the doors out. and once we're on the ground and pound, everybody was huddled on -- on the ground, everybody was huddled on one side. and 20 minutes later, this lady just appears from 20 yards away! just crippled and walking! and we saw her running over, and there were another 5 bodies. so we were over there calling the ambulances and stuff. but they took 20, 30 minutes to get there! we were just yelling at people, get over here, get over here! and they were just lacking hard. we were not very impressed with the whole protocol and systems in place for this type of thing. >> where were you sitting on the plane? >> we were really fortunate. we were central. so my girlfriend, her sister, and two others of my martial arts students. and we were all central to the back-end.
11:25 pm
got knocked off on that landing. so the flight attendants on the back, and they got hammered because we handed short, and they all fell out. >> the flight attendants there, now, as to the time it took emergency crews it took to respond, he said 20 or 30 minutes. that's not confirmed. and he is a victim in this. it appeared to be a fast response. but at this point , we don't have the official response time. >> that will be coming out in the coming days as the investigation continues. >> dramatic though to hear him talking about the people being tossed out. scott has been looking at the lit-up carcass of this flighted raul day long -- flight all day long. >> reporter: the scene is
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basically being prerped for -- prepped for the ntsb to start their investigation. they should be arriving anytime now. and they will start their investigation here in the middle. the night. but let's show you the scene again this evening. you can see what's left of the fuselage there. then i want to show you what the tail of the airplane is. in the center of your screen, at least 200 yards away from the fuselage of that 777 airport that crashed. and one note, this boat we've been watching, you can see the flights flashing off off there. upon either they're -- either they're looking for something or just protecting the
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scene so they can start putting the piece of this puzzle together, and try to figure out what caused in aircraft to crash -- this aircraft to crash. they want to get started as quickly as they can, so they can get this runway reopened here at sfo. this is one of the major runweapons here. and -- runways here. >> here we are at 11:27, it was 11 hours ago is that this flight crash-landed at sfo. 307 people on board. two people died in the crash. their bodies found on the runway. >> it's a surreal feeling. >> other plane s going in and out tonight around wreckage. likely the investigators will fly in and see that wreckage left on the tarmac. >> and we'll have expanded coverage in the morning.
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we've hope to be getting more answers. we'll begin at 6:00 am tomorrow going to 10:00 am. thank you for joining us. >> goodnight. i'm totally in love with the avocado on this sub. i love avocado so much i started a facebook page... oh you should post a picture of my new earrings... those would go perfectly with this sweater i'm knitting.
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